Belgium: DBS is getting their growth mainly from existing customer base

Dominique Severijns: "We want to spread our chances" 

DBS was founded by Gunther de Boepaep and Dominique Severijns. The company is based in the auction site in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium and has experienced huge growth in the four and a half years it has existed. "In volume as well as turnover we have grown between 10 and 15% each year", say the owners. At the end of last year DBS doubled the warehouse capacity and the cooling capacity was expanded notably. 

"Our most important customers are the supermarkets and particularly discounters. The growth we are experiencing, is mostly in our existing customer base. We try to sell them a much wider range of fruit and veg. We import from countries like France, Spain, Italy and South-Africa. Last year we had a good season with South-African stone fruits and New-Zealand kiwis."

In addition, DBS buys products from suppliers and importers closer to home. "Our main products are tomatoes, lettuce, leeks and cauliflower. In volume vine tomatoes are still our biggest product", say De Boelpaep and Severijns. "But we want to spread our chances and will concentrate on import products besides Belgian greenhouse veg. Our customer base isn't even that big, but we try to supply our customers with a complete assortment of fresh produce as long as the seasons last."

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