DBS nv was established in 2006 by Gunther De Boelpaep and Dominique Severijns, who both had already been active in the potatoes, vegetables and fruit sector for a long time.

Customer contact through personal service, quality at a competitive price, flexibility and well-organised logistics are not empty concepts for DBS nv.

From the very beginning we were able to depend on very capable and attentive employees. Packaging assignments were outsourced to specialised companies in the vicinity. We coordinated the logistics ourselves, but shipments were contracted to a few very dependable and reliable transport companies. This helped us expand to become an important player in the vegetable and fruit sector.

From the first year, we placed primary emphasis on quality assurance with DBS nv being certified for IFS, QS, BRC, ACS and BIO.

Because of our location on the premises of the Mechelen Auctions, the link from producer to user is extremely short. The FLANDRIA quality mark is also one of the most important marks that DBS nv may display.

Through its years of experience, DBS nv has been able to build up a solid reputation for imported products such as tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, broccoli, courgettes, strawberries, carrots from Holland, Spain and Italy, cauliflower from France, clementines, oranges, melons, peaches, nectarines, and plums from Spain and Italy, kiwi from New Zealand and Italy, and pineapples from Ivory Coast. This enables DBS nv to guarantee quality products for the customers during the whole year.
In most cases, good packaging is provided immediately by the grower or supplier himself so extra expenses and loss of quality during shipping are avoided.

On the basis of this flexibility, experience, competent employees, suppliers and transporters, DBS nv is your ideal partner for a sure and a healthful future.

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DBS nv
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